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CheatKard Photography – Basic V1.0

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Photography CheatKards are durable, gold plated reference cards for use by Photographers, Film Makers, Tech Heads, Camera Enthusiasts and more.

  • 10+ Basic Settings
  • 6 Shooting Styles
  • 4 Filter Styles
  • 16 Compositions
  • Exposure Triangle
  • + More!

308 in stock




What You Get:

1* CheatKard Set – Photography – Basics
1* Gold Carabiner Keyring


10+ Basic Settings,  6 Shooting Styles, 4 Filter Styles, 16 Compositions, Exposure Triangle + More!

The most complete Photography reference cards to date


What Is CheatKard?

Photography CheatKards are durable, gold plated reference cards for use by Photographers, Film Makers, Tech Heads, Camera Enthusiasts and more.

CheatKard is a credit card sized companion you can rely on for accurate and useful information.

Gone are the days of trawling through an abundance of varied search results and forum posts to find the answer you need. CheatKards are small & lightweight, with concise, accurate information and references for you to use whenever you need them.

The Kards


Gold carabiner style key-ring


Front – Gold plated lettering and key-ring hole

Back – The back is blank and can be used to write your name or other details

Basic Settings Card includes:

Front – Aperature Size (F/1.4 – F/22), Shutter Speed (1/2s – 1/1000s), ISO Sensitivity (ISO 50 – ISO 12800).

Back – White Balance (7000k – 3200k), Exposure Meter, Histogram of Neutral Exposure, JPG vs RAW Comparison (Pros and Cons), Metering Modes (Spot, Center weighted, Partial, Matrix).

Basic Settings 2 Card includes:

Front – Focus Modes (AF-A, AF-S, AF-C, MF), Camera Modes (Manual Mode, Aperature Priority, Shutter Priority, Program Mode, Auto Mode, Close Up Mode, Landscape Mode, No Flash, Sports Mode, Portrait Mode and Night Mode), Drive Modes (Single, Continuous, Quiet Mode, Self Timer and Remote)

Back – Sensor Sizes to scale (Full Frame, APS-C, Micro 4/3, 1″, 1 1/2″), Exposure Triangle (Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO).

Composition Card includes:

Front – Depth of Field, Left to Right, Angles, Negative Space, Use of Symmetry, Composition Balance, Filling the Frame and Simplicity.

Back – Rule of Thirds, 3D Depth, Framing, Repitition, Color, Leading Lines, Golden Triangles, Patterns.

Shooting Setup Card includes:

Front – Focal Length, (10mm/EFL 16mm – 400mm/EFL 640mm).

Back – Using Flash, Filters (UV Filter, Polarising, ND Filter, Graduated ND Filter).

Shooting Styles Card includes:

Front – Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography and Action Photography. (Recommended/Example ISO, Shutter, Aperture and Focal Length for each)

Back – Long Exposure, Macro Photography and Bokeh. (Recommended/Example ISO, Shutter, Aperture and Focal Length for each)


+ 1x Bonus Astrophotography & Low Light photography card free!

 Built To Be Used.. Built To Last!

Made using a high durability, waterproof and chemical resistant fiber composite with real 18kt gold plated features, CheatKards are made to last!

A Tree Planted With Every Set!

We wanted to do our bit to help, and what better and more universal way to help the planet than by planting more trees to combat global warming! A chunk of profits from every CheatKard set that you back will plant a tree in one of the worlds forests.

Additional information

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Dimensions 80 × 50 × 10 cm


Name Description Download
Press and Information pack A collection of information and images about the Photography CheatKard set for use by the press and online articles – If anything else is required please don’t hesitate to contact us. Download

2 reviews for CheatKard Photography – Basic V1.0

  1. Jayden Rowley

    Thank you for the cheat kards – they are amazing!

  2. Leo

    Got this on Kickstarter and I have already used it twice during a photoshoot. Excellent quality and it’s such an attetion grabber too. I love it!

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