Invoicing - How Do I See My Orders Invoice?
We have developed an automatic invoicing system to work by the side of your orders. Once an order is checked and place an invoice is automatically generated for you to view. You can access an invoice by clicking the 'View Invoice' link next to your order. We have added functions to your invoice including a print function to allow you to print invoices directly from the browser or a PDF option where you can directly download a digital copy of your invoice in PDF format.
Deposits - Why Do I Have To Pay A Deposit On Some Services?
Deposits help protect Nerdonic from time wasters. If we didn't charge a deposit potential customers could leave at any time and we would be out of pocket and wasted time on a project we are not getting paid for. If a deposit is left the customer has a stake in the project and by leaving they are loosing there deposit, if a potential customer leaves our resources are covered by that. We believe that if a potential customer is not comfortable enough leaving a deposit (a percentage of the total amount that would be paid anyways) that customer will have a higher tendency to leave. Learning from past mistakes when deposits were not offered and the reading of others horror stories when not charging a deposit we have decided to enforce a deposit. Deposits have the potential to be removed when a reliable relationship with a customer is made. Systems do not require a deposit and instead require the full up front payment for obvious reasons.
Payments - How Do I Pay For An Order?
Paying an invoice through the Nerdonic website is made easy and automatic. Simply login to your Nerdonic account, go to 'My Orders' and find your order, if your order is unpaid you will have a 'PayNow' button showing; once a payment is made it is marked as paid. We recommend paying an invoice as soon as possible to prevent delays in your order. We use paypal for our payments due to it being easy and instant, reducing delays. If you wish to pay using another payment service other than paypal please contact us using the support of that order (read more about support below). Paying an invoice through the Nerdonic website is made easy and automatic, once a payment is made it is marked as paid. We recommend paying an invoice as soon as possible to prevent delays in your order. If you have extras that need to be paid that are linked to a main order you can view them by pressing the link under the 'Extras' column next to your order, this link will have 2 numbers in the follow format (2/5) the first number is how many extras have been paid, and the second number after the forward slash is how many extras total, Click this link to view and pay for your extras.
Progress - How Do I Find Out The Progress Of My Order?
The inbuilt progress system is a real-time system on how your project is coming along. we simply check off when the stage is complete and you can then see what stage your system, development or media project is at and what time it was completed. You can access the progress page by clicking the 'View Progress' link next to your order.
Contact - How Can I Contact Nerdonic?
You can contact us using the general contact form on the 'Contact' page or if you are needing support for an order you can use the support (explained below). We currently don't accept support or contact via telephone or video messaging for a simple and efficient reason. Since all of our services are bespoke we need to keep looking back on what our customers have said they want and how they want it, this is increasingly hard to do with phone calls and video chats. With text based contact we can simply search for and find the information we need form the customer, we can not do this with other types of messaging even if we recorded calls or video chats we still have to spend a large amount of time going through the saved media to find what we need. This wastes time, Time we could be spending on finishing your order on time with greater accuracy when using text based support and contact.
Support - How Do I Contact Support?
Nerdonic has it's very own support system, a support ticket is created for each and every order you make. You can access support by clicking the 'Support' link next to your order. We receive an email instantly once you start or comment on a support ticket. When we reply you will receive an email notification that we have replied to your support ticket, in that email is a direct link that will take you to your support ticket which may require you to login to your Nerdonic account to access.
Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy
You will be asked to read and accept these same terms before submitting each order.
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1. What data we collect
When you sign up for an account with Nerdonic we will collect contact and other information to provide you with the administer service.
We may also track the pages on our site which are visited and how they are used in order to improve the way in which our website operates.
2. How we use the data
We will use your data in order to be able to provide you with and administer relevant services, and/or to respond to queries which you raise, as well as for other normal business purposes.
Information may also be disclosed where legally required or in the context of relevant legal proceedings, where it is fair and reasonable to make such disclosure.
3. Cookies
We use "cookies" on this site. Cookies are small pieces of computer code which are stored on your computer's hard drive and which are intended to improve your use of this site.
4. General
This Privacy Policy applies just to this website. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any third party sites.
We have appropriate security measures in place to ensure the security of your data.
If you have any queries or requests relating to this Privacy Policy or the use of your personal data you may write to:
We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time.

1. Copyright
Content on and the layout of this site is Copyright © Nerdonic or its licensors, all rights reserved. Web pages may be printed off in order to assist you in using our services or deciding which service to purchase, or for other private use, but may not otherwise be used for any commercial purpose.
2. Trademarks
Other product or company names and logos may be trademarks of their respective proprietors.
3. External sites
Links to any external sites are provided for convenience only. Nerdonic cannot be responsible for and does not necessarily endorse the content of any external sites.
4. Prices and specifications
Prices and specifications are correct at time of writing.
5. Availability
Products and services are subject to availability.
6. Misuse
Misuse of the Nerdonic website (e.g. Spamming of Forms, High Site Requests, Attempted Hacking/Modifying) can lead to suspension and/or banning of the clients account and/or legal action.
7. General
Content provided by Nerdonic is for informational purposes only.
We may amend these Terms of Use from time to time.

1. Acceptance
These terms and conditions must be accepted prior to any work commencing. Alternatively, Payment of any services is an acceptance of our terms and conditions.
2. Charges
Charges for any services to be provided by Nerdonic are defined in the provided invoice after a project has been accepted. Any quotation invoice is valid for a period of 30 days unless alternative timescales have been agreed beforehand with the client. Nerdonic reserves the rights to alter or decline a quotation invoice after expiry of the 30 day period.
Some projects may incur a non-refundable deposit of up to fifty percent (50%) of the project quotation total before any work will commence. The remaining balance of the project quotation total will be due upon completion of the work, before any system, project, files or services are handed over and/or activated for the client. An invoice is deemed a quotation up until a deposit or full amount has been paid, after payment it is deemed a payable invoice.
Nerdonic accept multiple forms of payment including cash, PayPal, bank transfer and cheque. Other payment types can be discussed before a project is to be started. Some payment types may incur transaction fees which are handed over to the customer and are not paid by Nerdonic, transaction types that do not incur fees for example are cash, cheque and bank transfer in most cases. All payments are marked as 'not paid' until payment has cleared and has been released to us, which on receipt will be marked as 'paid'.
3. Client review
Nerdonic will provide the client with an opportunity to review the project of development or media types during creation and once they are completed. At completion the project will be deemed accepted and approved by the client unless the client notifies Nerdonic within 2 days of the date the project and its associated materials and files have been released and made available to the client.
4. Project schedule and content control
In most cases, projects will be made available to the client by the date specified beforehand after final payment. If no date is specified most projects are completed in four (4) weeks. A date can still be discussed during the project work is in progress.
In return, the client agrees to delegate a minimum of a single individual as 'first-point-of-call' to aid Nerdonic with completing the project in a satisfactory and expedient manner.
During the project, Nerdonic will require the client to provide copy and images to be used. If content is not provided within four (4) weeks of the project an official request will be given via email. If no content is handed by the client within four (4) weeks of the original email request Nerdonic has the right to terminate the project and adjust the final payment to reflect on the unfinished project and the client will be sent an email to notify the termination and immediate payment of the remaining balance to be paid. If the client wishes to continue with the project an agreement may be made with Nerdonic to carry on the project, after an agreement is reached and a new quotation is accepted by the client including that of a fifty pound (£50) 'project recommence' fee, the project will continue as normal. If the client cannot supply content for any reason Nerdonic can provide a quote for creation of the content needed. Creation of content by Nerdonic still expects the client to hand over any facts, figures or information needed to include in the content.
5. Payment
Invoices are provided and generated by Nerdonic and can be accessed next to your order after logging into your Nerdonic account. Clients are normally notified by email of any expected and outstanding payments to an invoice. Invoices are due to be paid in full within thirty (30) days of the initial outstanding payments notification email. After which a reminder will be sent to the client and a twenty-five pounds (£25) 'late payment' fee will be charged and added to the invoice on a period of every thirty (30) days until paid in full. If the invoice has not been settled after ninety (90) days of the initial outstanding payment notification email, Nerdonic will consider the account to be in default. If the client encounters problem and is unable to provide the remaining payment in full the client must contact Nerdonic within fourteen (14) days of the outstanding payment email notification to arrange an agreement with Nerdonic to settle the client's debt without legal action.
If the client in default has any information or files on Nerdonic servers, Nerdonic has all rights to, at its discretion, remove all such material from its servers. Nerdonic is not responsible for any loss of data incurred due to the removal of the service. Removal of such material does not relieve the client of the obligation to pay any outstanding charges assessed to the clients account. Cheques returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a return charge of twenty-five pounds (£25) and the clients account will immediately be considered to be in default until full payment is received. Clients with accounts in default agree to pay Nerdonic reasonable expenses, including legal fees and costs for collection by third-party agencies, incurred by Nerdonic in enforcing these terms and conditions.
6. Termination, cancellation, returns and refunds
Termination of any development and/or media project started by the client must be requested in writing and will be effective upon receipt of such notice. E-mail or telephone requests for termination will not be honoured until and unless confirmed in writing. The client will be invoiced for any work undergone on the project after the final invoice has been adjusted to reflect the work done.
Returns from the client are not accepted and do not honor the 14 day cooling off period due to all services Nerdonic supply being bespoke and made to order.
Nerdonic by default do not supply refunds due to the nature of bespoke and custom orders; however some circumstances may cause Nerdonic to allow a partial refund, please contact Nerdonic to discuss.
7. Copyright
The client retains the copyright to data, files and media provided or from a source given and grants Nerdonic the right to publish and use such material. The client must obtain permission and rights to use any information or files that are copyrighted by a third party. The client is further responsible for granting Nerdonic permission and rights for use of the third-party material and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Nerdonic from any and all claims resulting from the client's negligence or inability to obtain proper copyright permissions. Accepting to these terms and condition and/or handing over data, files, media or material from a source given shall be regarded as a guarantee by the client to Nerdonic that all such permissions and authorities have been obtained. Evidence of permissions and authorities may be requested.
Nerdonic as the copyright owner by default, reserves all exclusive rights to make, re-use, distribute, publicly display and make adaptations or derivatives of the work under copyright law.
By default unless otherwise specified or licensed for by Nerdonic, the client receives the finished and finalized work in itself and not the original materials, editable files or resources. If a client wishes to be provided with the original material, files or resources the client must contact Nerdonic to negotiate an agreement. Once an agreement is made and completed successfully Nerdonic will provide the items in the agreement and a copyright licence appropriate for their usage will be given. If an extended or a renewal of a copyright licence is required the client must contact Nerdonic to negotiate an agreement.
8. Media delivery requirements
Unless otherwise specified, this agreement assumes that any text will be provided by the client in electronic format (via Email, CD-ROM, DVD or FTP) and that of other media and graphics will be provided either physically in high quality print suitable for scanning or in an electronic format (e.g. .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, .BMP, .EPS, .PDF, .PSD, .MP4, .AVI, .MP3). The specific requirements will be discussed and agreed with the client prior to commencing with the project. Every reasonable attempt shall be made by Nerdonic to return to the client any physical images or printed material provided for use in creation of the client's project, such return cannot be guaranteed. Nerdonic will assume a return is not necessary unless the client specifies a return needed, any costs to Nerdonic to return the provided material will be charged to the client.
9. Access requirements
If the client's project is to be installed on a third-party server other than the servers of Nerdonic, Nerdonic must be granted temporary read/write access to anything required (e.g. Storage Directories, Databases, Configuration/Settings) to be able to complete the project. Depending on the specific nature of the project, other resources may also need to be accessed.
10. Post project alterations
Nerdonic cannot accept responsibility for any alterations caused by the client or third party once installed. Such alteration included but not limited to additions, modifications or deletions. Nerdonic may require an hourly charge to fix and/or resolve any issues that may arise with a minimum of one (1) hour at the standard hourly charge.
11. Third party
Nerdonic may require the use of third party services and/or plugins (e.g. Credit Card/Payment Processing, Commerce, CMS) to complete the clients project requirements and will ensure these services are integrated into the project and working correctly upon completion. Nerdonic cannot be held responsible for subsequent changes or issues with these third party services and/or plugins that may result in issues with the clients project and may require an hourly charge to fix and/or resolve any issues that may arise with the first hour of correction free, further time will be charged rounded up to the nearest one half (0.5) hours at the standard hourly charge.
Shipping is classed as third party. Once an item has been handed over for shipping it is no longer a responsibility of Nerdonic. All shipped items are checked and verified before sending. For systems, we generally send tracked 24 or 48 hour with the package marked fragile and/or other necessary labels.
12. Subscriptions
Paid third party services, plugins or products (e.g. Domains, Hosting, Software) with periodic payments and/or fees will automatically be invoiced to the client on the period specified and the client will receive a notification email of due payment a number of *days before renewal of such material. Alternatively Nerdonic can set up an automatic payment or direct debit of all set periodic invoices. If a client wishes to cancel a subscription they must contact Nerdonic *days before renewal. Ignoring a periodic payment with the intention of an automatic cancellation will not be fulfilled and the client will still be invoiced, the client must contact Nerdonic to cancel a subscription *days before renewal.
*(1 Year Subscription = 30 Days Before, 6 Month Subscription = 30 Days Before, 1 Month Subscription = 7 Days Before)
13. General
These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous representations, understandings or agreements. A signed agreement or payment of an advance fee constitutes agreement to and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Payment of any kind (e.g. online, bank transfer, cheque) is an acceptance of our terms and conditions.
14. Governing law
This agreement shall be governed by English law.
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