Our Most In-Demand Services

Rapid Prototyping

We can help create a working early model of a product or idea, allowing you to test and refine a product faster.

Electrical Engineering

The process of designing, developing and creating the working electronics within a product or system.

Laser Cutting/Engraving

We have the ability to cut and engrave materials including wood, metal, acrylic, leather, paper and foam.

3D Printing

The process of making a 3D solid object from a digital file. Created by depositing materials layer by layer.

Latest Blog Posts

Liz Wright

Cutting Edge Technology: Lasers

  Laser cutting is one of our specialties here at Nerdonic. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can cut accurately a range of materials including leather, wood, acrylic,

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Nerdonic has a new website!

Welcome to the new and improved Nerdonic website and blog! Here you will find all the latest news, announcements, products, projects, free downloads, tutorials, special offers,

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With Every Product Sold We Plant A Tree!



Head over to our page on Ecologi to see our forrest:

Our first point of call has been to team up with the wonderful Ecologi, and implement a generous tree planting programme to help reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Global deforestation has only worsened the atmospheric CO2 levels, and replanting trees is one of the ways we hope to help save the planet, 

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