Advancing The Future Of Technology
We are specialists in custom Electronics, IOT & Rapid Prototyping. Built only from the ground up custom to your exact needs. We're proud of what we create and continuously work on projects with a number of the world’s largest companies that trust the devices we create to help them save time, save money and save lives.
Every product plants a tree!
Every product you buy plants a tree! After years of creating innovative electronics products to assist people all around the world, Nerdonic are proud to announce that 2021 marks the beginning of a new era for the company. With climate change threatening our beautiful planet's longevity, we have decided that there isn't a moment to lose and it's prime time we got involved with the fight against Global Warming. Our first point of call has been to team up with the wonderful Ecologi, and implem... Read More
Nerdonic has a new website!
This Blog The official blog for Nerdonic that will include new announcements, products, projects, free downloads, news, tutorials, special offers and anything else we think could benefit its readers. Home Page The new improved homepage now shows some of our latest work as a simple slideshow, featured products and the latest posts from our blog. Services A list of the serices we offer split into its separate catagories, underneith is also some of our previous work (that has been agreed... Read More
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