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1* CheatKard Set - Electrical Engineering - Basics
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What Is CheatKard?

CheatKard is the pocket-sized companion you can rely on for accurate and useful information. Gone are the days of trawling through an abundance of varied search results and forum posts to find the answer you need or flipping to page 102 in your chunky Electrical Engineering textbook. CheatKards are small, lightweight, with concise, accurate information and references for you to use whenever you need them.

Built To Be Used > Built To Last!

A Tree Planted With Every Set!

We wanted to do our bit to help, and what better and more universal way to help the planet than by planting more trees to help combat global warming! A percentage of profits from every CheatKard set you back will plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest.

The Creation Of CheatKard

Cheatkard was origionally invented (And secretly without us realizing) back in 2018 when the first Nerdonic PCB business reference card was designed, created with an aim to give clients and customers a more relivant business card compaired to generic paper cards so that they could see a glimps of the world behind Electrical engineering.
Many clients and fellow tech nerds loved the idea, with friends of clients who were interested in tech asking to get a business card too, simply because they thought it was cool to have.
Image: One of the first reference based Nerdonic business cards from 2018, some aspects of the card still lives on within CheatKard such as the pin pitch and trace guages

From there we experimented and decided to make it into a product. Shortly after the first designs we used our contacts in other fields from photographers, doctors and surgeons, scientists, designers, mechanics, and more to help us design useful CheatKards in a wide range of catagories!

More To Come!

We're working hard to finalize our Cheat Kards for a huge range of other topics, Electrical Engineering is just the start!
Teaming up with respected professionals in their respective fields allows us to ensure nothing but the most accurate and useful information on all of our cards.
We have already started developing add-on sets for Electrical Engineering including information on Radio Frequencies, PCB Antenna design, Certification help and more!
Aswell as that we also have many other CheatKards being developed and on their way including sets in Computing, Adobe, Photography, Science, Medical, 3D Printing, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, DIY and much more!
Heres a sneak peak of a small selection of CheatKards from different catagories:


The Kards

Gold carribeaner style keyring
Front - Gold plated lettering and keyring hole
Back - The back is blank and can be used to write your name or other details

Measurments Card includes:
AWG wire guage/diameter/electrical resistance, Font sizes, Surface mount (SMD) pin pitche guage, Through hole (THT) pin pitch guage, 1mm/1cm square, trace width/amp guage, Ruler (CM & INCH), Electrical/Number/Units conversion & PCB copper thickness

Common Schematic Symbols Card includes:
Front - Power Sources, Ground, Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Optoelectronics
Back - Transistors, Transformers, Logic Gates, Others (Relay, Opamp, Motor, Crystal Oscillator etc)

Component Values Card includes:
Front - Resistor Bands & Color Codes
Back - Capacitor Codes (Ceramic & Electrolytic)

Common Footprints SMD Card includes:
Front - 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1008, 1206, 1210, 1806, 1812, 2010, SMC, SMB, SMA, SOD128, SOD80C, SOD123, SOD323, SOD523, SOT883, SOT723, SOT416, SOT665, SOT563, SOT666, SOT353, SOT323, SOT363, SOT143, SOT663, SOT23-3, SOT23-5, SOT23-6, SOT23-8, SOT89, SOT223, 1612, 2012, 3215, 2520, 3225, 4520, 5032, 4x 0201 array, 4x 0402 array, 4x 0603 array, 4x 0805 array, 4x 1206 array, MicroMELF, MiniMELF, MELF, HC49, Capacitive Touch Switch, 2MM POT, 3MM POT, 5MM POT, DPAK/TO252/SOT428, D2PAK/TO263/SOT404, D3PAK/TO268
Back - Panasonic A/B/C/D/E/F/G, CD10, CD7, CD5, CD4, CD3, EIS 3216-12/EIS 3216-18, EIS 3528-12/EIS 3528-21, EIS 6032-15/EIS 6032-28, EIS 7260-38, EIS 7343-20/EIS 7343-21/EIS 7343-43, SOP/WIDE SOC 1.27MM, TSSOP (TYPE 1) 0.5MM, SO/NARROW SOIC 1.27MM, TSOP 0.5MM, TSSOP (TYPE 2) 0.65MM, SOIC 1.27MM, SSOP 0.65MM, MSOP 0.5MM

Common Footprints SMD 2 Card includes:
Front - QFP 32/48/64/80/100 0.4MM/0.5MM/0.65MM/0.8MM, QFN 16/32/48/64 0.4MM/0.5MM/0.65MM/0.8MM
Back - BGA 0.4MM/0.5MM/0.65MM/0.8MM/1.0MM/1.27MM Square Grids, BGA 0.4MM/0.5MM/0.65MM/0.8MM/1.0MM/1.27MM Equilateral grids

PCB Design Card includes:
Front - VIA size guage/Size (MM & MIL)/Amps across copper thicknesses, Copper thickness conversion, Trace spacing vs voltage (Volts/internal layers MM/external layers MM/external uncoated layers MM), Font sizes in MIL at 8% & 20%, Trace width guage and amp capacity, Ruler (CM)
Back - PCB layer makeup for 1/2/4 layer PCB, ENIG & Tin plating finishes, Panelization (Mousebites/V-cut), PCB thermals explination, Meanders explination, PCB finishes, Ruler (INCH)

Laws And Theory Card includes:
Front - OHMs law, Resistors in series, Resistors in parallel, Capacitors in series, Capacitors in parallel
Back - Kirchhoffs law (First and Second), Coulombs law, Faradays law, Lenz law

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Press and Information pack A collection of information and images for use by the press and online articles - If anything else is required please don't hesitate to contact us. Download
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