Exen Mini - World's Smallest 32-bit Arduino Compatible Microcontroller
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1* Exen Mini Development Board
2* 6x 2.54mm Pin Headers *Free*

The Exen Mini from Nerdonic is a tiny 32-bit microcontroller compatible with arduino and breadboard development. It's not just small, it's powerful too running at 48MHz clock with 256KB ROM, 32KB RAM and 8 pins filled with functionality.

The Exen mini is tiny

Measuring just 14.9 x 14.9mm at 0.95 grams, the Exen Mini is small as well as powerful. For size comparison is a UK 5 Pence coin (Equivalent size to a US Dime).

Arduino & Breadboard Compatible

The Exen Mini is fully compatible with breadboard development and the Arduino IDE and comes with the Arduino Zero bootloader pre-flashed.

Onboard Programmable LED

Show your code status, an error or make it flash when each code loop is complete, the onboard programmable led can be programmed however you like.


Microcontroller Cortex M0+
Bootloader Arduino Zero Bootloader Pre-loaded
Input Voltage Power Pin 1 = 3.3-20v
(3.3-12v recommended for heavy load)
Power Pin 2 = 3.3v
Micro USB = 5v
Current Draw ~10mA (Sleep modes available)
Clock 48MHz
Flash Memory (ROM) 256KB
I/O Pin Limits 3.3v, 7mA
Digital I/O Pins 8 Pins / 1 Pad
PWM Pins 8 Pins / 1 Pad
Analog (ADC) Pins 6 Pins / 1 Pad (upto 12-bit)
Serial (RX/TX) Pins 2 Pins
I2C (SDA/SCL) Pins 2 Pins
External Interrupts 8 Pins / 1 Pad
Reset Pins 1
Dimensions 14.9 x 14.9 x 4.4mm
Weight 0.95 grams
Programming Micro USB Port
SWD Header
Connections Micro USB
2.54mm Pin Headers
SWD Header

Exen Mini Pin-out

How We Compare

Name Description Download
Setup Guide - V2 A short guide on how to set up and start using the exen mini + common issues and fixes Download
Arduino Zero Drivers - Windows USB drivers for use with the exen mini with the arduino zero bootloader Download
Demo Blink Sketch A demo blink sketch for use with the exen mini Download
Press and Information pack A collection of information and images about the exen mini for use by the press and online articles - If anything else is required please don't hesitate to contact us. Download
PCB Footprint PCB Footprint for the exen mini for use in integrating the exen mini into your own PCB. For Eagle CAD. Download
Support content coming soon - for the time being please use the contact form.
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